God likes Soap

Ever read Numbers 19? At first glance, it seems like a bunch of mystical, religious formalities. Even as a Christian, I at least always saw it as such… and thanked God that I am no longer under the Law. Praise Jesus! But actually, this is a a recipe for soap. Thank you, God—I think I’ll keep this one!

I recently completed my Advanced Principles of Communication course, in which we studied a great deal about the different spheres within society. One aspect we covered that I was particularly struck by was how God’s Word—Old Testament and New Testament alike—has a lot to say regarding each one. For example, did you know how much God cares about Science & Technology? As touched on above, I found the level to which He details health issues and sanitation mind-blowing! I was also fascinated to realise how all the spheres capture and reflect aspects of God’s character.

Another piece I have learned is how each sphere was created by God, and how He values and works within all of them alike—not one of them may be considered “more holy” than another. As Colossians 1:16 says so aptly, “…all things were created through Him and for Him.” (ESV) Therefore, I have learned that we as Christians have been called to be involved within all the domains and to bring glory to God within them! This has encouraged me as I continue to pursue my degree within the spheres of Communication and the Arts, confident that my work within these spheres is just as valuable to God as work within the sphere of Church (or any other).


…besides, who built the temple?

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