I cannot believe it is Good Friday. Tonight we are going to have a special “communion service” at another families house. It shall be rather interesting having Autumn along–hopefully she will do well! *crosses fingers* But all-in-all I’m sure it will be a nice time.

Yesterday we dyed Easter eggs! LOL, our family LOVES that tradition. We enjoy it so much, I think we really should do it more than just once a year… but, ah well. It was fun ^.^ and this year Autumn did it for the first time. 😀 She was cute. But, our own enthusiasm surpassed even her’s!!! Especially my mom’s–she can be quite a kid sometimes. It’s fun.

Instead of using a kit, this year we used ye olde fashioned food coloring with vinegar. At the store, I found a package of NEON coloring, and it worked nicely–the colors bold, bright, and beautiful. I wish I had taken pictures of them with my new camera (Yes! I got one for my birthday :D.), maybe I shall do so later. But I used a clear wax crayon and drew cute little white bunnies on my eggs.

I’ll try to write more later, but right now, I’ve got to go!!! :o)

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>( ^.^ )<
( U U )o


Lily-Maid went kablooey…

I’m not exactly sure why, but blogger.com will not allow me to republish anything. But I suppose that’s ok for two reasons: 1) I wanted to change my blog’s name anyway, and 2) this gives me a chance to start anew!!! I’m so far behind on my life’s story, that I’d never be able to catch up. This is mostly what has been preventing me from blogging anyway. Welcome to *felicity*!!! I hope I shall stay here for a while, I’m tired of moving!!! 😀

So, I shall not tell you of the past, simply the present… which is very little. lol.

School goes on, though since basketball has ended it seems quite easy! No pressure! I’m glad, yet I have this uneasy feeling that I’m not doing enough work. It is probably true, but the low-key school load is nice after so many semesters of hustle-bustle! My mom, however, tells me that my load is not as light as I think it is. I am doing British Literature, Human Biology, Child Psycology, and Government. That is all, now that PE (a.k.a. basketball) is over. No Math though, *sniff*. That’s my favorite subject! Oh well, there is next year to look forward to: calculus. But, lol, I’m not so sure how much I’ll like that…

Other than school, I’ve basically been mosey-ing about, posting on a forum my friends’ and I have, eating, sleeping, etc&etc. Oh! Well, I am excited. I am working on getting my “olde” sites back on the web. 🙂 I’m glad, because I put so much work into them. It is sad to have them sitting, unused and unseen in a folder on my computer. I also love the webdesign part of having sites, so I shall now have an excuse to design again. ^.^ hee hee. Yes, I am happy! They are still “under construction”, but you may view them anyway at Idylwilde.net.ms . Yay! 😉

Well, that is all that is going on in my life right now–pretty much. At least, that is all I can think of at the moment!!! Thank you guys for still visiting my poor little Lily-Maid in her neglect and destitution, lol. Love to you all! XOXOXO
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“To a Virtuous Young Lady” by John Milton

Format Quote

LADY! that in the prime of earliest youth
Wisely hast shunned the broad way and the green,
And with those few art eminently seen,
That labour up the Hill of Heavenly Truth,
The better part with Mary and with Ruth
Chosen thou hast, and they that overween,
And at thy growing virtues fret their spleen,
No anger find in thee, but pity and ruth.
Thy care is fixed, and zealously attends
To fill thy odorous Lamp with deeds of light.
And Hope that reaps not shame; therefore be sure,
Thou, when the Bridegroom with his feastful friends
Passes to bliss at the mid hour of night,
Hast gained thy entrance, Virgin wise and pure.

The Misfortune of Jeremy Jumper

Once upon a time not so long ago, a young leopard frog by the name of Jeremy Jumper emigrated to Walliwag Pond in the fair county of Higgeley Hills. His old home, Cogglum County, was a dreary land with many mud puddles and few ponds. Yet here the sun shone brightly and the water was as clear as a crystal.

“Ah,” he sighed, drinking deeply of the glistening cool water, “I do believe that I shall stay here forever!”

After swimming a while, he wandered about the perimeter of the pond in search of his brand new neighbors. He found several and all of them were both friendly and hospitable. Offering to give him a tour of their cottage, the Mathocks, a jovial family of bullfrogs with 13 children, cordially invited him into their home and served him algae tea with mosquito muffins. After tea, he enjoyed a challenging game of Dominoes with another neighbor, Dr. Nob Sowdag.

Mr. Bariglee, an older carpenter frog with a long nose, showed Jeremy the sturdiness and snugness of his house, wisely advising Jeremy to build his own home in a similar fashion. Scrunching his brow perplexedly, Mr. Jumper asked, “Why do you make your dwellings so warm? Here, the sun shines kindly all the day. It seems to me that you and your families shall roast!”

Eagerly his newly found neighbor replied, “Oh, this land is not always so generous! For though today is warm and mild, soon it will be winter. The weather changes overnight.”

Jeremy Jumper found this advice helpful and mentally added, “build house” to his list of things to do. “But first,” he thought, “I shall enjoy this fine day!” Throwing himself onto a lily pad and stretching out his long, spotted legs, Jeremy proceeded to soak in the sunshine. Because the following weeks continued to be as lovely as the first day, he continued to do as he had when he first arrived. It wasn’t long before his friends began to badger him about his need to build himself a cottage.

“You have already been here a month and summer is nearly over,” mentioned Edgar Eggleton, a Marswamp War veteran with two webbed toes missing. “When are you going to build your home? For we are fully willing to come and aid you.”

Nonchalantly, Mr. Jumper replied, “Why work on such a lovely day as this? The sun is beaming and I have you to visit with. Right now if it rains I may find shelter beneath the bushes or in a hole. When it is cloudy I shall begin my work.”

The very next day brought a terrible rainstorm. The waters, which the skies had been withholding for the first month of his residency, began to show themselves. Sheltered under a bush, Jeremy read a book and thought to himself, “Well, I most certainly can’t work today. The rain would wash away any mud walls I tried to build. Besides, I might catch cold.” And so he continued to reason the days away. On the cold, breezy days, he hopped over to visit his neighbors; on warm, cloudy days he leapt into the pond for a swim. Day after day, Jeremy foolishly waited for the perfect weather conditions to finally begin to construct his home.

Suddenly, the weather took a terrible turn. The pond turned to ice overnight. The soft mud on the banks became solid. And the shrieking wind tore the leaves, twigs, and branches from the trees, driving them far, far away. Mr. Jumper had no building materials for his house! Soon the snow began to fall onto the frozen ground. After huddling on the bank for some time, Jeremy pulled his dinner jacket tightly around himself and sought the shelter of his neighbors’ homes.

“Please,” he cried, pounding on their doors, “might I room with you for the winter? It is bitterly cold and I haven’t yet a cozy home like you.”

Sorrowfully, his friends replied, “Yes, our homes are cozy but they’re also snug. We simply haven’t any room for you! One more person would make us much more cramped than we already are. But if you had built your home when we advised, you would have been as comfortably situated as we.”

Finally, Jeremy arrived at Mr. Eggleton’s cottage. “Please, sir,” he pleaded, “might I stay at your home for the winter?”

Edgar Eggleton nodded his head. “I am afraid there is not enough room in my home to lodge you, but you are welcome to take refuge in my root cellar while the winter lasts.”

Anxious for any kind of shelter he could find, Mr. Jumper gratefully accepted the offer. After hauling his baggage down the two flights of stairs to the the cellar, he lit a candle and surveyed his new home. It was dark and cool under the ground, but at least he was safe from the sharp bite of winter outdoors. Sitting on his knapsack, Jeremy resolved, “When spring returns, I will build first and enjoy myself afterwards. Also, from now on I will be quick to heed the benevolent voice of experience.”

On Chicles and Penny Candy

It’s interesting…

Today mom wanted me to pick up some caramels at Walmart after my Math class was over. I went inside, easily located five packages of Rolos, snatched them, and got in line to make my purchase. The price was $2.62, if you care to know. ^^ But that isn’t the point of this blog! For change I recieved a quarter and I started to walk out of the store… only to get tempted by a little candy machine. It was full of Chicles (I love gum), and hey, it was only 25 cents! Besides, it was a donation to the Children’s Miracle Fund. I couldn’t resist. I placed my quarter in the maching and turned the handle. *Click,click,click,click* But when I opened the little hind door to collect my lovelies, how many did I find?!!! Believe me, I’m not in Preschool–I know how to count. One, two, three, four; four little chicles. For 25 cents!!! (my only quarter, for that matter) If you divide 25 cents by 4, it comes out to 6 1/4 cents per chicle!!! LOL. Wow, whatever happened to penny candy? Our economy is going down–look at the gas prices! Inflation is something else, you know…